Wind & Wave Concepts & How to Integrate Them with the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Charts

24 Sep 2016
16:00 - 17:00
Waterford Room

Wind & Wave Concepts & How to Integrate Them with the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Charts

This free seminar will discuss the parameters involved with wave development, propagation & decay.


  • The dominant role that wind has in creating “wind waves” & what happens when “wind waves” leave their generating area and become “swell waves”.
  • We will break down the basic characteristics a wave (e.g., length, height, & period,) the necessary combination that results in a one to seven ratio, to define what a wave actually is.
  • A further critical discussion of the parameters that generate waves such as wind direction, wind speed, wind duration, & wind fetch, & we will also demonstrate their interdependence & resultant overall “sea state” (combined wind generated waves and swell waves).
  • A discussion of the different ranges of wave height, in particular what is “significant wave height” versus extreme wave height (Hollywood would refer it as a “rogue wave”).
  • A boater, whether inside a bay (e.g., Galveston Bay), the coastal, offshore or blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico & the High Seas of the North Atlantic Ocean (or other ocean basins like the north or south Pacific Oceans), needs to understand that there are differences in which the waves (wind driven or swell) will impact their vessel (breaking versus non breaking waves) & their overall impact on vessel performance for both short and longer range cruising!
  • This is especially true in “fully understanding” which advisories & warnings impact have on safe vessel keeping for short distances… which will fall into the category of most boaters…but in ever increasing number live their dreams to go further & further offshore!
  • Specifically, Small Craft Advisories” (SCA), “GALE WARNINGS”, “STORM WARNINGS”, & “HURRICANE FORCE WARNINGS”, as issued by the National Weather Service Forecast Office (NWSFO) League City, TX, or other national center offices such as the Ocean Prediction Center (OPC).
  • Note, the NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER (NHC) or the CENTRAL PACIFIC HURRICANE CENTER(CPHC) have their own marine warning criteria which in reality concerns itself with land falling storms, but offers a different spin (“TROPICAL STORM WARNINGS” & “HURRICANE WARNINGS”) overlap traditional marine warnings, but the associated range of “sea state” conditions have far more significance, that can be, but must never be overlooked

Boaters are offered the opportunity to attend the 3-hour ($65.00) prepaid  educational  workshop Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) Basics & the 1-2-3 Rule for Avoidance Workshop”, in the same Waterford Room, that starts the day off at 0800-1100                                                                                                                                              

See SWIBS educational workshop page for topic & registration details; Click below:

  • Thus, especially for blue water cruisers, it becomes VERY important to differentiate between regional Wind & Wave charts depicted (in feet) versus the high seas full ocean Wind & Wave charts, which are issued in meters, & will climax this critically important seminar!

It is strongly recommended that boaters also attend Lee Chesneau’s free seminars, “Assessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills… An Introduction to the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart scheduled earlier the same day Saturday September 24th, 1200-1300, Waterford Room, & Unlocking the Mystery of 500 Mb Upper-air Charts”, scheduled on Saturday, September 24th, 1400-1500, Waterford Room. Both seminars topics also tie very well into one another and precede this seminar!

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Furthermore, the free seminars above, are all prerequisites for enrolling in the ($65.00) prepaid 3-hour educational  workshop, “Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop”, scheduled for Sunday, September 25th, 1500-1800 in the “Amphitheater”, South Shore Harbour Resort  See SWIBS educational workshop page for topic & registration details; Click:

It is further recommended to consider each of the follow-on ($65.00) prepaid educational workshops,  “The at Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart Workshop” & Understanding The 500 Mb Upper-air Chart Workshop”, scheduled same day on  Sunday, September 25th, 0800-1100 & 1130-1430 respectively, in the “Amphitheater”, South Shore Harbour Resort.                                                                                

Both workshops (combined with the prerequisite free fee seminars noted above, will enhance a boater’s knowledge on marine weather, forecasting, & prudent decision making!

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