Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop ($65.00)

25 Sep 2016
15:00 - 18:00

Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop ($65.00)


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understanding-weatherOffshore blue water cruising on the high seas waters always involves receiving extended marine weather forecasts issued from NOAA’s NWS or other government agencies such as Environment Canada or UKMET Service or even Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMH).

For this workshop, we will delve into integrating the core weather maps for vessel forecasting and route decision making inclusive of 500 mb, surface pressure, & wind/wave analyses & forecast charts as generated & disseminated by the NWS’s Ocean Prediction Center (OPC).

This workshop will utilize the core products discussed in the previous free seminars and workshops (surface pressure, 500 mb, & wind & wave analyses & forecasts & practice a virtual voyage plan:

  • Discuss concepts utilized for long distance voyage planning for both Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the North Atlantic & Pacific Oceans (from pilot charts, to graphical, & text based marine weather forecasts).
  • We will practice the importance of developing a culture documentation & verification of OPC’s 48/ 96 hour “Graphical Forecast Verification Page”
  • Utilizing the “Graphical Pacific Briefing Page” from the OPC, we will get an understanding of synoptic scale weather through 5-days (120 hours) by the integration of surface pressure, 500 mb, & wind & wave analyses & forecasts charts.
  • We then tie that into the local marine weather forecasts through 5-days, along with the marine interpretation message from the OPC.
  • Plan a virtual voyage from Galveston Bay, to Bermuda (via the Gulf Stream), then via the remainder of the North Atlantic Ocean onto the Azores to the Mediterranean Sea via the Strait of Gibraltar (or to Europe via the English Channel).

Pre-requisites: attend Lee Chesneau’s free seminarsAssessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills…An Introduction to the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart, Unlocking the Mystery of the 500 mb Upper-air Charts, & Wind & Wave Concepts & How to Integrate Them with the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Charts, scheduled for: Saturday September 24th , from 1200-1300, 1400-1500 & 1600-1700,  Waterford Room, South Shore Harbour Resort See free seminar page for detailed topic descriptions; click : http://southwestinternationalboatshow.com/2016-seminar-series/

Sunday, September 25th the workshops that precede Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop” start at 0800-1100 and continue on from 1130-1430 in the Amphitheater See SWIBS educational workshop page for registration and workshop details, click: http://southwestinternationalboatshow.com/2016-educational-workshops