Understanding the Upper Air 500 Mb Chart Workshop ($65.00)

25 Sep 2016
11:30 - 14:30

Understanding the Upper Air 500 Mb Chart Workshop ($65.00)


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Components of a 500 mb chart, considered to be the holy grail of weather forecasting from the free seminar “Unlocking the Mystery of the 500 mb Upper Air Chart”. Now we will go into deeper discussion to further your understanding of this important weather forecasting & vessel routing resource. Specifically, in addition to the 500 mb station plot, we will delve more into the 500 mb components; altitude versus pressure, iso-height contour spacing, wind barb minimum values & their spacing, as well as iso-height labeling. In this workshop you will learn:

  • To identify upper level troughs and ridges as depicted on 500 mb charts.
  • Vorticity concepts (drives upward & downward motion of air, which leads to surface low & high pressure on the surface).
  • How 500 mb has direct impact on where surface low & high pressure weather systems originate, intensify, weaken, & move (direction & speed of motion).
  • What a weather pattern is re: the now familiar house hold name “Pineapple Express”, “Polar Vortex”, El Nino/La Nina, plus how & why surface high & low pressure systems move rapidly from West to East, or from South to North, sometimes somewhere in between or not even move at all for days on end.
  • To identify & recognize through practice visual exercises the four (4) basic flow patterns well depicted on r 500 mb upper air charts.
  • To develop a culture of accessing 500 mb charts & their companion surface pressure charts in order to see their inter-relationships.
  • To utilize the A.B, C, & D zones associated with a 500 mb upper air chart (as discussed in detail in Heavy Weather Avoidance by Chen & Chesneau, (chesneaumarineweather.com/?p=214)

Pre-requites: Attend Lee Chesneau’s free seminarUnlocking the Mystery of 500 Mb Upper Air Charts”.

Although not required, attending Lee’s free seminar “Assessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills… An Introduction to the Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart & follow up pre-paid ($65.00) workshopThe Sea Level Surface Pressure Chart Workshopcompletes an important concept for a boater to understand the importance of three dimensions of weather.  It will also be helpful if you attend Lee’sAssessing Your Self Reliant Marine Weather Skills…An Introduction to the Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart free seminar& follow up pre-paid workshopThe Sea- level Surface Pressure Chart Workshopas these multiple topics tie into one another.  See SWIBS webpage for free seminar & prepaid workshop room locations, topic descriptions & registration links!

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