The at Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart Workshop ($65.00)

25 Sep 2016
8:00 - 11:00

The at Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart Workshop ($65.00)


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This reinforcement workshop takes a closer in-depth look at surface pressure charts, initially introduced in the prerequisite free seminar…Assessing Your Self Reliant Marine Weather Skills…an Introduction to the Sea-level Surface Pressure ChartSpecifically:


  • Attendees will practice determining true wind direction & speed barbs from a surface pressure chart depicting low & high pressure systems, as initially discussed in Lee’s earlier free seminar on the same topic.
  • There will be follow on detailed discussions on the other various surface pressure chart symbols such as the characteristics & features of low & high pressure systems (e.g. fronts, troughs, ridges, squall lines, dry & shear lines, the monsoon trough, the ITCZ, & frontal character change). symbols).
  • There will also be a review of cloud groups & types associated with the aforementioned features as well as precipitation classification affecting visibility.
  • There will be a follow on reinforcement exercise built around the specific aforementioned symbols gleamed form surface pressure charts.
  • There will be a practice learning exercise to consolidate the difference between “Issued” & “Valid” on the surface pressure chart. This is important to understanding the 24 -hour interval tracking of directional movement and intensity trends of the low & high pressure centers on the surface pressure analyses and forecasts charts as generated & transmitted by the NWS’s Ocean Prediction Center (OPC)… such as 48-hour interval tracking of surface low & high pressure systems.
  • There will be a follow on practice exercise on being able to identify the specific weather conditions associated with the map symbols (e.g., such as associated clouds, visibility restricting weather conditions associated with fog, or precipitation types; rain, or thunderstorms).
  • Ref: The NWS marine advisory, watch, & warning program; there will be a scenario for attendees to consider strategy options before leaving the dock, as well as after leaving the dock.
  • Finally, there will be a discussion to emphasize specific weather chart types for collection & layout display enabling a boater’s logical forecast processing for interpretation, & ultimate route decision making.

In addition to attending the prerequisite hour-long free seminarAssessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills… An Introduction to the Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart”, please also consider attending Lee’s other free seminars Introduction to the 500 Mb Upper-air Chart”, & “Wind & Wave Concepts & How to Integrate Them with the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Charts”.

All of these multiple topics overlap & tie into with one another. They are also offered on the same day in the same room (an hour in between each seminar topic), & are scheduled for: Saturday, September 24th, 1200-1300, 1400-1500, & 1600-1700 , Waterford Room. See SWIBS seminar page for free seminar details, click :

Please keep in mind, that all the free seminars as noted above, are also prerequisites for the 3-hour ($65.00) prepaid workshop, Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop”, scheduled for: Sunday, September 25th , 1500-1800, Amphitheater See SWIBS educational workshop page for workshop description & registration details click :


For details of Lee’s other prepaid education workshops: Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) Basics & the 1-2-3 Rule for Avoidance Workshop”, Saturday, September 24th, 0800-1100, Waterford Room & The 500 mb Upper-air Chart Workshop”, Sunday, September 25th1130-1430, Amphitheater See in-water SWIBS prepaid educational workshop page for descriptions & registration details, click :