Assessing Your Self Reliant Marine Weather Skills…An Introduction to the Surface Pressure Chart

24 Sep 2016
12:00 - 13:00
Waterford Room

Assessing Your Self Reliant Marine Weather Skills…An Introduction to the Surface Pressure Chart

**This seminar begins with Lee Chesneau’s discussion of the hierarchy for marine weather prediction & vessel routing, which includes the VERY important discussion of the marine advisory, watch, & warning system used by the National Weather Service (NWS) marine program (e.g. from the NWS Forecast Office (NWSFO, responsible for the Houston/Galveston area located in League City, TX).


**These include Small Craft Advisories (SCA), Gale, Storm, & Hurricane Force Warnings, that includes bays (such as Galveston Bay), the pre-set boundaries called marine forecast zones that encompass coastal & over-lapping offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the High Seas region of the North Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea, all in accordance with international treaty obligations.

**The seminar also further emphasizes the importance of human intelligence input into marine weather forecasts & the correct roll & use of widely popular & utilized “Gridded Binary” (GRIB) files.

**This sets the stage to introduce a surface pressure weather chart with its depicted symbols, such as the surface station weather observation plot, along with further challenging the audience in terms of what they know or do not know by highlighting specific at sea level surface weather systems (e.g. low & high pressure) & their associated plotted locally observed weather conditions such  as barometric pressure readings, wind  direction/speed & present weather conditions (rain, fog, clear skies), all relative to a given vessel’s position.

**There will be a discussion to emphasize specific weather chart types for collection & layout display enabling a boater’s logical forecast processing for interpretation, & ultimate route decision making.

This seminar is for everyone who enjoys day sailing in Galveston Bay, the coastal & offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, & blue water cruising elsewhere such as, the North Atlantic Ocean basin via the Gulf of Mexico. Do not miss this free seminar opportunity!

Also, consider attending Lee’s follow-on free seminars Unlocking the Mystery of 500 Mb Upper-air Charts also scheduled for Saturday, September 24th,  1400-1500  & “Wind & Wave Concepts & How to Integrate them with the at Sea-level Surface Pressure Charts that follow from 1600-1700;  these are in the same “Waterford Room”.

Please note, that all free seminars have an hour that separate each other, and are conveniently scheduled in the same “Waterford Room”, at the South Shore Harbour Resort.

See the SWIBS free seminar schedule & syllabus outline detail, click on below:
Previous to this free seminar just noted is the 3-hour ($65.00) prepaid educational  workshop  Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) Basics & the 1-2-3 Rule for Avoidance Workshop“, scheduled for: Saturday, September 24th, 0800-1100, “Waterford Room” South Shore Harbour Resort: See SWIBS educational workshop page for registration details, click link below:  

The full ($65.00) prepaid 3-hour long educational workshops begin in earnest on Sunday, September 25th, 0800-1100  Amphitheater Room”, South Shore Harbour Resort:  beginning with:  The at Sea-level Surface Pressure Chart Workshop”; This is follow-up with  “Understanding The 500 Mb Upper-air Charts Workshop”, also scheduled on Sunday, September 25th, from 1130-1430Amphitheater Room”, South Shore Harbour & then finally, is the Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop”,  once again also scheduled on:    Sunday, September 25th, from 1500-1800Amphitheater Room”, South Shore Harbour Resort: See SWIBS educational workshop page workshop syllabus outline & registration details, click on

Boaters are strongly encouraged to attend all three (3) of Lee’s hour-long free seminars & to also recognize that they are also  prerequisites to attending the last 3-hour ($65.00) prepaid  educational  workshop, Understanding Weather & Cruise Decision Making Workshop”, already noted above.