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Blue Gas Marine Debuts at the Boat Show

Blue Gas Marine (BMG), the first and only company in the world to make natural gas boating a reality is making its debut in Texas at the South West International Boat Show, March 17-20 in League City. The company makes natural gas hybrid fuel-systems for existing gasoline and diesel engines and also makes the fuel available where boaters need it.

Today 40 percent of all metro buses in the U.S. run on natural gas with another 15 million vehicles around the world using natural gas as their primary fuel. And now, Blue Gas Marine is making natural gas an option for boats with its patent pending proprietary technology.

Benefits of a Blue Gas Hybrid Fuel System:

  • Cuts fuel costs by 50 percent
  • Ensures 90 percent cleaner emissions when compared to diesel and 70 percent when compared to gasoline
  • Extends the life of the engine
  • Meets and exceed emissions laws which require cleaner operations
  • Reduces exposure to the ethanol in gasoline
  • Maintains same or better performance than original fuel
  • Produces zero exhaust odor and zero smoke

Blue Gas Marine Founder and CEO Miguel Guerreiro will be holding a free 1-hour seminar at the South West International Boat Show on Friday, March 18 from 5:30pm-6:30pm. During the seminar he will inform boaters how to transform boats with gasoline and diesel engines into a natural gas propulsion system as well as discuss new boats already equipped with the technology.